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Homeowner Insurance Claims

With two offices in Tampa, Tom W. Thompson, Esq. has more than ten years of experience handling insurance claims. In 2004, Mr. Thompson  left the Army Judge Advocate General’s (“JAG”) office to enter private practice. For five years, Mr. Thompson worked for a large insurance defense firm where he defended insurance companies for all types of claims.

After learning the defense side, Mr. Thompson established a firm focused on handling homeowner and business’ insurance claims against many of the same insurance companies he used to work for. The Thompson Trial Group, P.A. focuses on assisting Florida residents, property owners, and businesses with their insurance claims and we have developed a particular specialty in sinkhole litigation.

We are dedicated to representing clients who have received improper denials of coverage or received unfair settlements from their insurance companies for property damages or loss to their home or businesses.

We have earned a reputation for aggressively handling sinkhole and other property insurance claims.

Sinkhole Litigation

If you suspect that your home may be experiencing sinkhole related damage, do not wait; contact our office immediately for a free consultation. We will have your home inspected by a team of professionals to determine whether you have a claim.

In Florida, sinkholes are responsible for devastating losses to homeowners and property owners, and exist throughout Florida.

Signs of sinkhole activity around a home could include the following:

• Cracking in a “stair step” pattern on your home
• Cracking in the ceiling and wall separations
• Cracks on pool decks
• Uneven floors or pavement
• Doors and windows that don’t open or shut properly
• Depressions in your yard.

However, these signs do not always mean that a sinkhole exists and that the homeowner has a sinkhole damage claim under a homeowner’s policy. Our attorneys can provide advice on whether there is coverage under a homeowner’s policy for sinkhole damage sustained to a home or property, and if need be, litigate any disputed issues involving homeowner’s or other coverage.

First and Third Party Insurance Claims

Florida insurance law is complex. It is critical to contact a competent attorney if you have been seriously injured. Insurance companies may try to deny your claim outright or make smaller offers than you may be entitled to. With our background and experience with these claims, we will help you receive a fair settlement.

When you or a loved one has been injured due to the negligence of another, depending on the circumstances of the accident, it is likely that another person’s insurer will be responsible for the damages. We have an extensive history dealing with both first and third-party insurance claims and have even been asked to speak to insurance companies about how to handle these cases.

There are two central categories of Florida insurance claims:
1. “First Party Claims” are claims you make concerning your own insurance policy. A typical first party claim is one for collision coverage under your policy to fix your vehicle. Similarly, claims for Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist benefits are first party claims. In these cases, you seek payment from your own insurer after an automobile accident if the at fault party either did not have insurance or did not have sufficient coverage to adequately compensate you for your injuries.
2. “Third Party Claims” are claims pursued against another person’s insurance company. For example, when you are hit by a negligent driver, the claim for personal injuries made against the other driver’s insurer is a third party claim. Similarly, if you are injured as the result of a slip and fall or trip and fall at a restaurant (assuming you do not own the restaurant), negligence claims made against the restaurant’s insurer are third party claims.

With our experience handling these types of cases, we are comfortable with the technicalities involved in Florida law. Given the opportunity, we will aggressively seek the best possible result for you or your loved one.

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